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P Tenryu-Infinity 2

pachinko (Japanese pinball) Maruhon General Electric 2021

Beginner’s guide

Basic Spec

The legitimate successor to “CR TENRYU ∞” is now available.

The basic gameplay follows that of the previous work.
Roughly 6,000 balls (Roughly 1,200 balls x 5 sets) will be awarded for the jackpot.

After the first hit ends, a new element, “Toryumon,” occurs.
The fourth cloon can be challenged, and if a V-prize is awarded, approximately 6,000 balls (Roughly 1,200 balls x 5 sets) can be won again.

Basic Specs

Number of award balls

Number of award balls
Number of award balls 15 & 3 & 12 & 15

Round count

Round count
Count Upper Bonus pocket: 8 counts
Lower Bonus pocket: 10 counts

Jackpot percentage

When V prize is awarded
Rounds Percentage Details
10R 100%. 5 times 1 set


10R x 5 sets Roughly 6,000 balls

How to play

1] First, aim at either the “Way of Heaven” at the upper left of the board or the “Way of Dragon” at the middle right of the board.
When the dragon route is passed, the first-stage cloon is entered without going through the infinite corridor.

2] After winning the “Way of Heaven” prize, go to the Infinity Corridor.
The ∞ part moves up and down like a seesaw, and when it exits this rpm, it plunges into the first cloon.

3】 After entering the cloon, if the player can break through all three levels of the cloon, he or she will win the right to win the jackpot.
(V holes are placed in the order of “front, back, and front” from the first cloon.)
*Even if it misses in the first Bottome line, it may enter the bottom Bottome line through the SP route.

4] After the right is acquired, Aim for right begins.
Aim at the sliding prize slot in the upper right corner of the board and be sure to prize 5 balls.
(The number of times a prize is awarded here is the number of times the jackpot is won, so if a prize is missed, it is lost.)

5] After that, the jackpot is initiated each time a V prize is won.
Basically, there is no problem if you follow the voice instructions, but be careful not to leave the machine in the middle of a jackpot since the jackpot is a set of five times.

6] After the first five sets are completed, the player goes to the Dragon Gate.
If a ball is awarded to the dragon GATE in the left center of the board and prizes in the front hole of the Toryumon Cloon, the right to win the jackpot can be won again.

When to go / When to stop

Nothing in particular


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