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CRA Tokio Deluxe

Pachinko Amtex Corporation General Electric 2012

Beginner’s guide

If a ball prizes in the start chukker, the blades open once for START 1 and twice for START 2. Balls picked up by the blades reach the mini-tower. If they pass through the tower successfully, they go to the special route, and if they fail, they go to the normal route. If the ball is then placed in the V-zone, it rides a lift up the tower. On the top line, if the ball hits “UP” in the middle stage, it rides on the lift to the top line, and if it hits “3”, it becomes a 3R jackpot. On the top line is a 16R or 7R jackpot.

Basic Specs

Basic Specs

Number of award balls

Number of award balls
Number of award balls 5&10


Count 9 counts

Round and jackpot payout

16 rounds Roughly 1300 balls
7 rounds Roughly 570 balls
3 rounds Roughly 250 balls

How to play

When to go / When to stop

Nothing in particular

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